Have you heard?

The Electric City Culture Council (EC3) is producing Artsweek Peterborough in 2015!

Artsweek 2015 will present a mix of curated and non-curated events, including co-presenting and cross-promoting with as many Peterborough artists and groups as possible.

Watch for details!

Founded in 2005 Artsweek is a non-profit, volunteer-run, week long celebration of arts and culture that takes place in Peterborough Ontario. The goal of Artsweek is to program high quality, highly visible, and engaging projects that bring the arts front and center for the broadest possible audience.

Artsweek provides cultural producers with a professional opportunity to showcase a diverse range of contemporary artists and acts as a launch pad for new projects. Applicants and participants are encouraged to view grants as seed money for development of their ideas into a sustainable long term project.

Artsweek is managed by The Electric City Culture Council.

Artsweek is grateful to the City of Peterborough for their financial support.