The Electric City Culture Council presents

Artsweek Peterborough 2015 – September 18-27
10 days of art across the city of Peterborough

Featuring dozens of artists commissioned to create works of art in a variety of mediums,
situated all across the city.

With a Celebration in Jackson Park, Dance in Jackson Creek, Music on Porches, Art in Storefronts, Performances in Alleys, Writers’ Studio, Sound Art over the Airwaves, Poetry with your coffee and more through these four unique programs:



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Artsweek Peterborough 2015

Artsweek is the City of Peterboroughís annual festival of the arts, a week-long multi-disciplinary showcase of creativity that began as part of the City’s Centennial Celebrations in 2005. Since then the annual event has continued to bring new work to new audiences, support original creation by local artists, and celebrate Peterborough as a creative community.


Artsweek is presented by The Electric City Culture Council. The Electric City Culture Council (EC3) is an independent,  not-for-profit organization serving the Arts, Culture and Heritage sector in the City of Peterborough and the surrounding region.

EC3 and Artsweek are grateful to the the following for their support.

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